While we board in the generation of technology, every individual is inclined to utilize the technical evolutions designed to meet the needs of readiness and accessibility. From reaching the classrooms, mobiles phones, and day-to-day entities to become smart, now it’s the time to make the hotel stay modish.

UkeySmart represent an application developed to guarantee all the operations, inclusive of check-in and check-out, are controlled, speedier and streamlined. The application is crafted delicately for the simplification of the fundamental needs of guests and hotels. The application works in an untangled approach for all and successively, accommodate finer services to the customers and hoteliers. The interface is uncomplicated to manage and the processes involved before check-in are finished remotely without delaying in long lines, just at visitor’s convenience.

How does it work?

Thoroughly the forms and information needed by the hotel can be submitted via the UkeySmart suit prior to the stay. In the meantime, once the details provided are reviewed and confirmed, the customer is notified with the room number accompanied by the access code and Wi-fi password for the stay duration at the hotel.


Benefit for the hotel: The extensive lines and staff at the reception can be reduced as the process is already taken care of remotely through the application.


Benefit for guests: The difficulties of waiting in long lines for the enrollment can be deleted as the pre-allocation of the room number can allow the guest to enter straight to the assigned room number.


Apart from the check-in and check-out, altogether the services offered by the hotel to the guest are integrated into the application. The guests can order a specific room service, and the hotel will be notified through the application.


UkeySmart remain worlds' first such strategy where the focal point is eliminating the extraneous components and time windows to make the stay pleasurable and satisfying. 

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