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How Can The Hospitality Industry Make More Profits?

We are living in the unusual time of a pandemic, that is ruining businesses all around the world. It has the highest effects on the hospitality and the travel sectors. Governments all around the world are giving tips and tricks to cope with this situation but these are not suitable for all kinds of small and large businesses. So we bring to you some smart tips that can help you truly in this time.

Right now, we are dealing with lock-down and closure of services and even the borders. WHO has advised us to maintain social distancing. Companies are asked to manage in remote working modes. This is likely to be followed by low consumer confidence, less disposable income and everlasting continued health concerns.

During this time, everyone would be fighting for sales, but what can be done to make the money keep coming in? Some of the tips and tricks are:

Reassure your customers: Customers all around the world are now more concerned about their safety and health. So the first thing, every business owner has to do is the reassurance of his customers. Make special processes and procedures. Communicate and spread the word about the actions you are taking for their safety.

One of the ways to settle the customer’s concerns is using the Remote Touch-less technology provided by UKey Smart where users can easily access all kinds of room services and room controllers through their phones. This way people are more satisfied as they trust using their mobile phones more than anything else these days.

Take more better care of the guests: Once you start getting guests, try to give the best services you have. With your special touches, this will eventually help you drive more repeat business but also it would be memorable for the guests. This will get you better online reviews.

Making more from each guests: With this lock-down and social distancing, people can't leave their houses to drink and eat. So once this is over, people are more likely to spend more on these things. So be prepared to provide all kinds of concierge services to their customers.

Using UKeySmart, hotels can provide all kinds of concierge services to the guests. So guests can access all kinds of concierge of the hotels they are staying in.

So be ready to up-sell the bottles of wine and desserts.

Look to delivery and collection: The world is evolving greatly and people are always opting for the contact less services. So all the hospitality industry should be ready to bring these ways into their businesses. If you offer your own delivery system, offer the customers a no contact drop off.

For this, UkeySmart brings the services where the guests or customers can interact with their hotels and order their required services. Also the customers can give the feedback through this special app.

Create low key reasons to visit: With major health concerns about bigger gatherings and events, all you can do is to put on low key seated events with manageable gathering and distance between the tables.

How to reduce costs, exposure and risks: Without the sales, your exposure to costs will be considerable. We are all worried about the businesses. Here are some of the ways you can maximize cash flow right now.

  • Look for a payment holiday

  • Ask your landlord for a payment plan

  • Discuss extended credit terms with your suppliers

  • Take company-wide pay-cuts for a period.

  • Reduce your operating hours to core working periods

  • Make more in-house items.

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