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How Hotel Businesses Can Get Ready For Post-Quarantine?

We know it's a hard time when everyone is locked up in their houses and businesses all over the world are shut down. To fight this pandemic, global quarantine is practiced in all the countries. But now it is seen that, Covid-19 is coming to an end with people now aware of the consequences and know what precautions they should take to avoid this notorious disease at all costs.

But the questions arise: is the world really ready for the post-quarantine time?

How many of the businesses around the world have started to prepare to restart their businesses? If you have started, then it's a plus point.

The uncertainty continues: No one knows when this pandemic will really be over. Many companies are trying to make vaccines for this disease but still there is no success to be seen. So people all around the world are now learning new ways of life to live with this disease and change habits to live their daily lives.

Start Preparing Now: If you haven't started preparing for the reopening of your hotel business, then be ready to experience huge losses and lagging compared to your competitors. This is because when the quarantine started, all the employees were sent back to their homes and places far from their business. This has created a huge gap in the mindset of the employees. So when the lock-down is over, everyone, every person should be ready to gather all their scattered pieces and start anew.

So, for that time start preparing now, make plans, make decisions and make everyone around you ready to reopen the business.

Steps to Get Ready: We have gathered some productive ways that any organization can adapt. These steps will help them restart their businesses in more effective ways.

1) Create a team: First step for every business to take is to make an effective team of employees. The team will consist of main members of each department of the business.Members from each department will be the basic connection between the employees and the executives. Once a team is created, select a team leader that will manage them and start a return-to-normal campaign.

2) Create a Checklist: The team will create a checklist that will elaborate the high level tasks from each department. This checklist will be made according to the needs of the employees and the issues they might face. Some of the key points for a good checklist are as follows:

People: How will the HR department bring people back to work? How to overcome the issues employees face about their health and safety. How to bring in new employees in the business. What changes are required in the policies and procedures that will need to be followed after the quarantine?

Communication: What communications are needed to make sure that the company runs normally. Or what about the external communications?

Operation: To reopen the company, what operations are needed and in what order of priority to make the company fully functional.

Technology: Keep and eagle eye on the latest technology that can help the business after the reopening. To select this technology, keep in mind the health issues arise due to the Covid-19.

One of the major technologies that hotel businesses all around the world can adapt is UKey Smart. It is a smart touch-less concierge technology that will help everyone , the guests and the hotel owners. You can book a room, control the lights, TV and AC through this app using your phone. Also you can order the room services and best hotel concierge technology through this app. UKeySmart is an app that allows the guest to have a smart access at the hotel.

UkeySmart is a revolutionary application for the digital age travelers. We’ve carefully crafted the UkeySmart App to fulfill the needs of next generation travelers.

With UKeySmart, you can:

  • Online check-in

  • -Digital Key is sent to your mobile before arrival.

  • No wait time in check-in queues.

  • Post Check-in benefits: -

  • Open and lock your door.

  • Turn on and off your lights.

  • Seamlessly enjoy the television without a need for a remote.

  • Manage the temperature of your AC.

  • Order in-room services.

  • Book other services offered by the hotel.

Safety & Security: What measures should the company take to make it more sfe and provide a healthy environment for their employees and guests. As everyone is concerned about their health and safe environment in this quarantine, So all these things would be the top priority for all the hotel businesses around the world.

Create a timeline: Once a team is created and a checklist is made, the next and final step is their implementation. So for this, you need to make a timetable. To set the time limits for every task will help the company back in order quicker than you think. More critical operations should be brought back first.

As a final point, the above steps are applicable not just in the current situation with coronavirus but in any situation where an organization has to restart its operations after a hiatus.

Stay safe! Stay updated with UKey Smart!

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